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Mujjo Touchscreen Gloves keep your fingers warm, useful this winter


If you are looking for a gift for an iPhone-owning friend this Christmas or just want a useful iPhone accessory for yourself, I highly recommend the Mujjo Touchscreen Gloves. There are plenty of capacitive touchscreen gloves on the market, but Mujjo's gloves are the first I've tried that have never missed a tap of my fingers.

I've been using Mujjo's M/L glove for a few days and couldn't be happier with them. As for the fit and feel, they are comfortable and snug on my hands. But the beauty of these gloves is that you don't have to remove them to use your touchscreen device. That means no more freezing your hands off while you walk down the street trying to text your friend in 10 degree weather.

Mujjo's gloves can be used with touchscreens because high-quality silver-coated nylon fibers are knitted right into the fabric of the glove. Those nylon fibers carry the conductive properties of your skin through the glove and onto your touchscreen. You'd think that the gloves would make the touch surface larger on your device, but I haven't had a single problem touching individual keys on the iPhone keyboard (in portrait mode, no less), composing entire emails, playing games like Cut the Rope: Holiday Gift, and scrolling through my music.

Right now you can only order the Mujjo gloves from the company's website. They come in two sizes: S/M or M/L. They ship from Germany and cost €24.95 (about US$32.40). Though I only tried the gloves on my iPhone 4S and briefly on my iPad 2, the gloves should work just fine on any touchscreen device.

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