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Seal Force (as in the semi-aquatic mammals) free on iOS/Android today

You probably don't think of seals of being particularly forceful, unless of course you're speaking about the raw, unimaginable power of the human-being Seal's "Kiss from a Rose." That's probably because you haven't been introduced to Seal Force, a line-drawing iOS and Android title from the makers of Pigs in Trees.

The conceit is simple, using a team of seals (the animal, that is), players must charge through crowds of multicolored krill, preventing them from slipping through their amphibious ranks. Speaking of "ranks," players will also be able to level up and earn upgrades for each seal as they complete Jetpack Joyride-esque challenges. The game is free, but if you're still not sold on it the Saturday morning cartoon trailer above might just tug on the correct series of your heartstrings.

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