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The MMO Report: This is why we can't have nice things edition


This week on The MMO Report, Casey explains that the leaked Guild Wars 2 Mesmer reveal is exactly why we can't have nice things. He highlights Lord of the Rings Online's first major update since the Rise of Isengard expansion, discusses the newly revealed Egyptian-themed zone in Funcom's upcoming The Secret World, and suggests that fan feedback -- "very loud fan feedback" -- is responsible for the fan-pandering of EVE Online's recent Crucible expansion. He also pokes a bit of fun at Q Entertainment's on-the-nose Ninety-Nine Nights Online, a "2-D PC action mmo [that] will most likely play exactly how you expect it to, with lots of clicks and clacks and plenty of hacks and slashes."

Finally, Casey dips into Uncle Casey's Mailbag to read an email from a fan who believes Casey is a dead-ringer for Christopher Eccleston (of Doctor Who fame), which gave The Beard an opportunity to plug next week's special edition MMO Report, in which the crew will dish out some insider info on the inbound Doctor Who MMO.

The full video is tucked behind the break.

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