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Friday Favorite: Lazarus Extension for Safari saves your form text


Don't you hate that sinking feeling you get when you spend five to ten minutes filling out a form -- and then you lose all the data because of a hiccup in your Internet connection, or because of Safari's tab reloading quirks? Before that happens to you again, you should check out Lazarus. It's an extension for Safari, Chrome and Firefox that stores your form data in case you lose it. It works with almost all web forms, with web-based email clients and even in some content management systems like WordPress.

The extension/plug-in stores your text in a database and lets you restore it with a single click. Each field that is supported by the extension will display the Lazarus ankh symbol. If you lose your data, you can click on the symbol to restore the cached text.

The Safari extension has a few options that'll let you encrypt form data, exclude sites from working with Lazarus, and change the number of days the form data is stored. Lazarus is lightweight and doesn't affect browser performance. It's a life-saver for WordPress bloggers and anyone who fills in a lot of online forms. Lazarus is available for free from Interclue's website.

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