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Lord of the Rings Online discusses this year's Yule Festival

Eliot Lefebvre

Generally, holiday events aren't seen as content in major need of updating. Usually a game that runs an event one year will run more or less the same event the next year with a handful of extra toys. But the holiday events in Lord of the Rings Online are still an important part of the game experience, which is why the Yule Festival has undergone some serious revamping and changes to hopefully make this year the best Yule ever.

As outlined in the new developer diary, the original incarnation had a lot of space in Winter-home that didn't tie together, leaving the area feeling empty despite the abundance of content. The changes were thus focused around making full use of the space as well as making the existing quests a bit friendlier to players to address some long-standing complaints. The overall effect should make the area feel more lively and the event more fun for everyone, whether you've done it for years or this is your first Yule in Middle-earth.

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