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The Daily Grind: Now that all Guild Wars 2 professions are revealed, which will you play?

Shawn Schuster

Earlier this week, the internet exploded with a leaked reveal of Guild Wars 2's eighth profession: the Mesmer. The official reveal soon followed, with some of the most amazing skill videos and game mechanics to ever hit an MMO class. OK, so I'm a Mesmer fanboi. Sue me.

But now that we can flip through the entire array of Guild Wars 2 professions, we're left with the question about what class to play... or play first.

Will you be burning stuff with the Elementalist, bashing stuff with the Warrior, or shooting stuff with the Ranger? Perhaps you'd like to pander to your inner kleptomaniac by playing a Thief or dance with the dead as a Necromancer. Throw in the Guardian, Engineer, and Mesmer, and it's fairly impossible to pick just one.

So which will you play first? Let us know your profession plans for Guild Wars 2 in the comments below.

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