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WRUP: No edition

Eliot Lefebvre

Kids, it's important to learn to just say no. Even if you don't know what's going on. Even if no one has asked you a question, much less one that could be answered with a simple "no." Even if you are completely out of your element and the offer is completely reasonable. It's an important lesson, and sometimes you have to take a stand and say "no" even if you don't know what you're taking a stand against or what you're denying.

If someone tells you no, of course, scream and curse.

Now that we've gotten that lesson out of the way, it's time for this week's installment of WRUP, in which the Massively staff members let everyone know what they'll be up to for the weekend. We also talk about how many MMOs we have installed on our computers and how many we've played over the last month, in case you're keeping track. See what our plans are after the break, then leave your plans in the comment section, and don't you dare refuse.

Beau Hindman, F2P and Mobile Columnist
@Beau_Hindman: I'll be looking at Dungeon Fighter Online as part of my Anime week for livestreaming. It looks like a fun, action-based blast from the arcade past. I'll also be spending some time in my usual games -- RuneScape, Glitch and Illyriad -- but will be diving into some more content in Clone Wars Adventures too. I absolutely love that game, especially the new content and Station Cash items.

I have two main devices that I use: my browser and a stouter gaming PC. On the browser, I have around 100 bookmarks to different browser games that I check up on, but I also have a specific folder that holds my ultimates, games that I play almost every day. This list has RuneScape, Glitch, Illyriad, Golden Age, Die2Nite, Milmo and a few others in it. The gaming PC has about 25 MMOs on it, and of those I checked maybe five over the last week. I use it mainly for streaming games or for heavier games like Star Wars: The Old Republic or EverQuest II.

Bree Royce, Senior Editor
@nbrianna: I'll be in Star Wars: The Old Republic this weekend (where else?), and I'll probably try out some of Beau's mobile MMO recommendations on my new phone too. My OG Droid couldn't handle HD mobile games. My new Galaxy Nexus can, woot!

I count 23 MMOs presently installed on my main PC (I'm probably missing some though). I played four of those for more than a few minutes over the last month, and one of those four just shut down forever. RIP Star Wars Galaxies.

Eliot Lefebvre, Columnist Extraordinaire and Contributing Editor
Holy wow. I've got an enormous Final Fantasy XIV patch to enjoy, Star Wars: The Old Republic to continue devouring, and Ms. Lady's birthday on Saturday. Yeah, the weekend is going to be packed.

There actually aren't that many MMOs currently installed on my computer mostly because I try to clear them away when I know I'm either leaving for good or for a long while. I count nine in total, and of those I've played three in the past month, with the others mostly sticking around because they're good for when I get a sudden whim (Guild Wars) or they're games I still might head back to (RIFT).

Jef Reahard, Columnist Extraordinaire and Contributing Editor
This weekend is an MMO-free zone for me. I've got a bit of an emotional hangover from Thursday night's Star Wars Galaxies shenanigans, and the rest of the games on my drive seem to pale in comparison right now.

Speaking of, I count 22 of them, and I've played 14 of those in the past month.

Jeremy Stratton, Contributing Editor
@Jeremy_Stratton: I've been playing a lot of Lineage II for both Choose My Adventure and my own enjoyment. Apart from those, I've been exploring the dungeon maker in EverQuest II. I'm having more fun with it than I thought I would. It's definitely going to take aspiring dungeon designers longer to collect needed supplies than for housing.

I probably have MMOs hiding on my hard drive that I don't remember. It's probably in the ballpark of 20 to 30 MMOs. The hidden ones would be from years back, when I first got interested in MMOs. Back then, I ravenously downloaded anything I could find.

Justin Olivetti, Columnist Extraordinaire and Contributing Editor
@Sypster: As with half of the known galaxy, I'll be in Star Wars: The Old Republic, and you can't make me feel bad about it. I'm having to much fun to hear you anyway, LA LA LA! I'm generally impressed across the board on this one, and I'm absolutely loving acquiring custom gear to mod out.

I currently have six MMOs installed on my computer, and I think I at least logged into each of them once during the past month. Well, not Star Trek Online, but that's remaining because I'm waiting for free-to-play to hit.

Matt Daniel, Contributing Editor
@mvmatt: Although I wasn't really interested prior to launch, now that Star Wars: The Old Republic is here for real, I find myself inexplicably drawn into it. Like a fly to a bug-zapper. So I'll be spending my time in The Old Republic, seeing what BioWare has cooked up for us.

As far as how many MMOs I have on my hard drive... I'd say I've got about 10 or so, probably more. In the 10 to 15 range. And hilariously, in the last month I've played maybe... let's see. World of Warcraft, RIFT, SWTOR, Fallen Earth, and that's about it. Not counting trials and stuff. I've been in a but of a slump lately. Maybe SWTOR will pull me out of it.

Rubi Bayer, Community Manager
@Rubi_: I'll be gathering Wintersday treats in Guild Wars, playing some Lineage II, and playing Civ 5. Those are the only games I'm playing this weekend. In between playing, I will be crying into my beer.

I currently have nine MMOs installed. Not 10. Only nine. In the past month I've logged into only a few of them, though. Most of my time seems to be eaten up by Guild Wars, now Lineage II, and Fallen Earth. As always, I wish I had time to indulge in them all!

At the start of every weekend, we catch up with the Massively staff members and ask them, "What are you playing this week?" (Otherwise known as: WRUP!) Join us to see what we're up to in and out of game -- and catch us in the comments to let us know what you're playing, too!

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