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Kid-friendly camera sports iPad 30-pin connector


Large cameras meant for kids to use have been around for years, but Sakar's AppClix appears to be the first to be aimed at those whose parents own an iPad. The colorful camera, adorned with your choice of several Disney characters, is nothing to sneeze at with a 7-megapixel sensor and 4x zoom. However, instead of a USB cable, there's a 30-pin dock connector.

The AppClix plugs into the iPad for kids to upload their photos and use the free Disney Pix app to edit them. For those who don't own an iPad, the camera has an SD-card slot for saving pictures. With the default card being a meager 32 MB, parents might want to swap it for one with a larger capacity.

If you feel comfortable letting your child tote around a $60 digital camera, the AppClix appears to be a good buy. However, it's out of stock at the moment, which means you're better off waiting until after the holidays to order one. As Gizmodo theorizes, this is most likely the first of future cameras to come with 30-pin connectors.

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