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"Timeline" feature comes to Facebook's iPhone app


Facebook's new "Timeline" layout was finally rolled out globally this week. However, one thing that was missing from Timeline was iOS support. That has been remedied with the Facebook 4.1 app update released yesterday. Now when users who have enabled Timeline (it's live for everyone by default on December 22nd) launch their Facebook app on the iPhone they'll see their Timeline and other user's Timelines right in the app.

I've got to say I really am not a fan of Facebook's Timeline layout. However, strangely, I like it a lot when using the iPhone app. It's just laid out much cleaner and flows better in the iPhone app than it does on a desktop web browser.

Besides the Timeline, the Facebook 4.1 app adds access to friend lists, subscribers and subscriptions; easier photo uploading and viewing; a new (and much welcome) pop-up interface (as opposed to the "roll-up" screens) to friend request, messages, and notifications windows; and overall improved performance.

Currently, Timeline is only accessible through the iPhone version of the app, but Facebook promises an iPad-compatible update soon. Facebook is a free universal app.

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