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'Battlefield 2143' easter egg hidden in Back to Karkand DLC


A couple of eagle-eyed Battlefield 3 players have spotted the above easter egg in the recent "Back to Karkand" DLC pack. It's just a stencil on a virtual wall, but of course the number "2143" (at least we're guessing that's the remains of a 4, and not a triangle) would hint at a followup to DICE's Battlefield 2142, the not-quite-as-successful futuristic spinoff of the Battlefield 1942 series. The Battlefield 3 Blog points out that a similar easter egg was hidden back in the Battlefield 2: Euro Force map pack back in 2006, and that egg was eventually the first sign of 2142's release later that year.

Don't start hoping for a sequel just yet, however. While some fans would probably enjoy a return to the 2142 universe, odds are this is just DICE having a little fun, and reminding us that while many players might have forgotten about the futuristic spinoff already, DICE's own developers haven't just yet.

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