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Covert Chirp offers camouflaged Twitter for the workplace


You're in an important meeting. The voices are droning on about procedural nonsense and forward looking outlooks. No one is paying attention. You're dying for any kind of mental stimulation. You reach for your iPhone. You launch Twitter.

Then, Dwight the worker bee sitting next to you decides to gain some status points by outing your mental absence to the entire division.

You are SO BUSTED.

So how do you look invested in the strategic outlays for the next two quarters while secretly checking your feed? CovertChirp. For just $0.99, you will appear to be a highly dedicated and meticulous employee, using the built-in Notes app to log the highlights of your briefing.

In actuality, you'll be surfing your Twitter feed, tweeting snarky comments about your colleagues (Dwight in particular), checking your mentions, and sending DMs.

Achievement unlocked.

Covert Chirp provides a camouflaged Twitter interface with a built in boss key that instantly hides your Tweets on demand. The GUI (complete with authentic Marker Felt and yellow lined background) feels so Note-like that casual glances won't uncover your actual activity.

Okay, sure. As Twitter clients go, it's a bit clunky. The Help screen interface, for example, really could use a few tweaks -- allowing back and forth page-by-page scrolling instead of the More... and Done... buttons it now provides. But seriously, you're going to worry about GUI perfection on a stealth Twitter app?

While I really can't recommend it for normal Tweetage outside of the office, for providing in-work cover it's brilliant. Covert Chirp adds the "hey look I'm really serious about my job" gloss to your daily activities.

It does exactly what the label says -- provides covert access to Twitter. I can't wait for developer Garrett Heath to build a version for RSS feeds and Web Surfing, stripping pages and converting them to office-friendly presentations.

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