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Guild Wars 2 dev blog talks achievements, Thief tweaks

Jef Reahard

It's been a trying year for impatient Guild Wars 2 fans, but 2011 is closing on something of a high note due to recent beta rumblings as well as an increase in the ArenaNet information trickle. The latest blurb is a year-end development update courtesy of Eric Flannum and Jon Peters, and Flannum kicks things off with a fairly detailed look at the game's achievement system.

As it turns out, GW2's achievements come in three flavors, and they comprise long-term goals, dailies, and monthly tasks that "encourage a variety of play and reward you with gold and experience."

Peters details recent changes to Thief class gameplay, and he pays particular attention to the steal and backstab abilities. He also spends a bit of time talking about improvements to combat timing and animations. "Making these improvements has been really interesting and fun because it has shown us how our game can feel appropriately action-oriented without taking away the familiarity of the MMO genre," Peters explains.

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