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When it comes to launching your app, Sunday is tops


If you're a developer, your app is more likely to be successful if you launch it on a Sunday. That's according to a 17-week analysis by mobile analytics firm Mobilewalla. The company looked at the apps released on a daily basis in Apple's App Store and Android's Market from May 16 to September 8th. During that time, 91,754 iOS apps were released in the App Store. Among that pool of apps, those launched on a Sunday performed statistically better than those released on other days of the week.

By "statistically better" Mobilewalla means that 42% of the apps released on a Sunday made it into the top 240 highest downloaded apps. Those launched on Monday-Saturday didn't fare as well, with Friday being the worst. Only 10% of apps released on a Friday made it into the App Store's top 240 spots.

Another interesting find from the study, as noted by TechCrunch, was that an app released into Apple's App Store was four times more likely to be discovered than an app released into the Android Market. The founder of Mobilewalla theorizes that the reason for this is that Apple's App Store is easier to use, search, and navigate than Android's Market.

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