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Breakfast Topic: Do you enjoy an unexpected agenda?

Matthew Rossi

One of the things I like to do in World of Warcraft is use the game as an insomnia cure. When like tonight I have a strange or unsettling dream and can't get back to sleep, I log in and run some heroics, do some PvP, or go explore a place in the world I haven't been to in a while. This is how I ended up tanking the new and improved Abominable Greench at 4 a.m. as an arms warrior. Who says you can't tank as arms? Me, I say that. But he died, the reindeer was saved, and I went on my merry way, only to be pulled into a full-fledged PvP war at the gates of Orgrimmar.

A group of Alliance players was bringing the war to us. They even pulled Gamon into the fray. Gamon still hits pretty hard even at the end of the expansion with us all geared significantly higher than we were a year ago. Much back-and-forth mayhem ensued as each side found Gamon attacking one of theirs. We pushed them out of Org only for them to push back in, and I got to hit Bladestorm in the middle of a whole lot of people.

After a very enjoyable time watching Yivo cast Mind Flay on random folks, I got to thinking that I never actually got to run those heroics I'd been intending to, rather finding myself dragged into unexpected fracas after unexpected fracas. Resolving to do exactly those heroics I'd intended, I queued and found myself signed up to tank accidentally. Since I don't currently have a tanking spec, I explained my situation and offered to sit or go respec and come back, only to have yet another healer say, "Hey, let's see what happens" -- and that's how I found myself arms tanking Well of Eternity with four wisecracking people I'll probably never see again. Went surprisingly well, we finished and everything. ... OK, so I forgot about Azshara's mind control and we wiped that one time ...

So now that I've related my tale of randomness, I ask you: Ever had one of those days or nights where it feels like the world is playing with you? Where you sweep from unexpected to unexpected?

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