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Got a question? Try the Onion Magic Answer Ball

Mel Martin

Are you the kind of person who is constantly asking for advice? Do you need a little reinforcement before that big decision? The wonderful satirists at The Onion have just the app for you. It's called the Magic Answer Ball. I'd call it a parody of the old round balls you'd find at the gag store that you shake and an answer to your question pops up floating in the liquid goo that is inside.

This US$0.99 app dispenses with the gooey liquid and uses your iPhone instead. Ask your question (no voice recognition here), shake your iPhone and a highly irrelevant answer will come up.

Just like Siri. Sometimes.

You can share it all on Facebook. If you're so indecisive that you can't think of a question, the app generates some new ones every day, like "Should I buy a riverboat?" and "Do my victims ever think about me?"

The app is fun, and might be good to break out at a company holiday party when things are going slow, as is often the case at those things.

I did ask the app if I should spend money on it. The answer: "Not if we have anything to say about it." So there you are.

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