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Kojima's Project Ogre takes place in an open world


"Rather than making something cinematic, [I plan to] make something very free," Hideo Kojima told CNN of his new game, "Project Ogre." He went on to describe the game as set in an open world, in which players are free to explore. CNN reports that Kojima expects players to be able to find content even after 100 hours.

This open-world design is, of course, a change from the Metal Gear Solid series, which gives players a lot of choice in how they want to approach situations -- in a strictly prescribed series. Do you want to walk by those guards quietly, or tranquilize them, or throw down a Playboy magazine to distract them, or just kill them with a grenade? However you do it, you likely have to.

Kojima didn't outright say the images he recently released on Twitter, of a Fox Engine title, were of this particular game. He has continued teasing the engine on Twitter, where today he posted an image of an "original system" for creating avatars. Above: programmer "Lionel" and his avatar, made in about an hour of fiddling.

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