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Treat yourself to a Cool Player Pack from Jade Dynasty and Massively!

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

Tis the season for... well, many things, but presents are one of them, right? The crew at Perfect World Entertainment is celebrating both the holiday season and the successful launch of Jade Dynasty's Legacy expansion. How, you ask? By giving you a gift, of course!

On our giveaway page, you'll find a code for a Jade Dynasty Cool Player Pack. It contains a three-day Kirin fashion set for your character, some Health and Spirit remedies, temporary attack power and defense buffs, and a "Cool Player" title to show off in game.

Pick up your code, redeem it on the Jade Dynasty redemption page, then take your character to his or her racial starting zone. Talk to the Courier (211, 49 in Sunstream City or 337, -412 in the Divine Realm), open your mailbox, and find your gift!

Enjoy your new items, and join us in thanking Perfect World Entertainment for the Cool Player Pack.

[Sorry, all codes have been claimed]

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