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Fiesta previews upcoming expansion with a new trailer

Eliot Lefebvre

Despite what you might be led to believe by the title, life in Fiesta is not a neverending party. Starting in January of next year, the atmosphere will get distinctly less party-filled with the release of the game's newest expansion, Expedition to Adealia. The title suggests the start of the expansion, in which players visit Adealia Village while fending off an attack from the native Doomed Elves, but there's a great deal going on past that point.

The trailer for the expansion is embedded just past the cut, showing off some of the enemies and locales that players will be able to explore next month. From a mechanical standpoint, players can expect to face a variety of new enemies, reach a new milestone with an increased level cap, and explore an outdoor dungeon filled to the brim with the requisite shinies. Fiesta players will need to wait until next month to enjoy the additions, but you can get a preview of what's coming just past the break.

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