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Nokia ready to start shipping Lumias to Launchpad developers


Things were a lot less clear back in early 2011 when Nokia announced it would abandon its burning platform for Windows Phone 7. Amidst that uncertainty, Espoo pledged to give select developers an E7 as well as a mystery device running Redmond's bits in the near future. The company's now making good on the latter part of that promise, informing those registered under its Launchpad program that their gratis hardware is ready to ship. Kindly forwarded by a tipster is email proof (seen after the break), which in non-redacted form would provide instructions for procuring a complimentary Lumia 800. Previous whispers suggested the Lumia 710 will also be part of the scheme, so your mileage may vary. Still, a free handset is better than none -- or at the very least a Nokla, right?

[Thanks, Jota]

Dear Nokia Developer Programs member,

We have received a bunch of questions from you on when you will be getting your free Nokia Lumia 800 device. We would like to thank you for your patience with the long wait and share some great news with you – we are now ready to ship your brilliant device to you!

Nokia Lumia 800 delivery

Getting the free Nokia Lumia 800 requires one action from you – you will need to place an order for it through your membership account. This process ensures smooth delivery of the devices and you'll be able to provide your desired shipping address.

Please follow the below steps to place the order for your Nokia Lumia 800:

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