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Project Draco director on working with Kinect, the 'lies' of game creation


Speaking to Gamasutra, Project Draco lead Yukio Futatsugi and producer Toshiharu Tange laid out several details about the upcoming Kinect title. First and foremost, it won't actually be called Project Draco on release, though the final title has yet to be decided. The pair also expressed some of the difficulties in developing a title for Kinect.

One such issue is that different players will perform actions in different ways. "Previously you could just say 'Press the A button' and everyone got that, but trying to catch all the possible ranges of motion can be tough to implement," said Futatsugi.

The pair also discussed some of the processes behind how they create the worlds of their games, including the classic Panzer Dragoon series and Phantom Dust. According to Futatsugi, a good portion of the fantasy is reliant on "lies." Or, to put it more clearly, about 70 percent of his games are "created with a 'realistic' bent," while around 30 percent focuses on "stuff you would never see in real life, such as the supernatural abilities people have." And, you know, riding around on dragons. Check out Gamasutra for the full interview.

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