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SOE shows off EQII Dungeon Maker video

Jef Reahard

EverQuest II isn't the first title that springs to mind when we think of player-generated content. After all, it's one of the genre's foremost themeparks, and its predecessor laid the groundwork for the linear MMO as we know it.

Sony Online Entertainment has managed to fit quite a few diverse gameplay options into the usual box, though, and the latest example is the new Dungeon Maker toolset. The Dungeon Maker was included in this month's Age of Discovery expansion, and it basically allows players to build their own instanced content and publish it for everyone to enjoy. There are over a dozen pre-set layouts that can be populated with obstacles and NPCs, the latter of which can be set to patrol and otherwise interact with adventurers.

Players can explore player-made labyrinths with custom pre-set adventuring characters, and soon, with their own avatars. Since EQII is a progression game at heart, SOE has of course included a dungeon currency system wherein players collect marks for completing custom content and then spend said marks to acquire the building blocks for making additional dungeons. Check out the new Dungeon Maker video after the break for a few more details.

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