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Daily iPhone App: Grabatron


For those of you who enjoy Future Games of London's Hungry Shark series, you might want to check out its new game: Grabatron (US$0.99 for the iPhone version, $2.99 on the iPad). Designed as a homage to 1950's monster and alien invasion movies, you play as a UFO which uses a claw to abduct farm animals and people or use huge objects like cars as battering rams.

Like in the Hungry Shark games, you control the UFO by using the iPhone's built-in gyroscope. Tilt to the right or left to go in that direction. The UFO hovers over wide and varied landscapes, like army bases, farms and even 1950's Las Vegas, so there's plenty of changing scenery to keep things fresh. You can also explore subterranean caverns, some filled by scientists you can terrorize, while others hold power-ups, like stronger spaceship armor or a more powerful claw.

While the game is fun to play, it can get a bit repetitive. You can only hurl a person to their doom with a giant claw so many times before you want more to do. Fortunately, there's a lot to explore and 30 separate missions to keep you engaged.

My only beef with the game is that there are separate versions for the iPhone and iPad. I like my apps universal, and those who feel that they shouldn't have to buy the same game twice will be disappointed. However, for its fun, playability, and overall design, I recommend Grabatron to any casual iOS gamer.

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