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DirecTV HDUI is rolling out across the land, iPad app adds 12 more live streaming channels


DirecTV began quietly seeding its HDUI to customers back in November, but judging by our tips inbox it has recently picked up the pace of the rollout. It's live in many areas already where you're probably enjoying the sweet, sweet new guide with its 16x9 graphics and speedier interface, but if you don't yet have it, check out the thread at DBSTalk with estimated rollout dates for many areas. Also by way of the forum comes word of 12 new channels including AMC, Velocity and HD Net that were just added to DirecTV's live TV streaming iPad app. Of course, the update still won't play nicely with jailbroken iPads, so a cracked version will be required in those cases. Check out the list of channels after the break, if you're not seeing them in the app try hitting the "edit" button at the top right, finding them in the list and clicking the green plus symbol to add them manually.

[Thanks to everyone who sent this in]

254 - AMC
281 - Velocity
306 - HD Net
362 - The Weather Channel
426 - GolTV
561 - HD Net Movies
562 - MGM
563 - Sony Movie Channel
564 - Universal
565 - Smithsonian
566 - Crime & Investigation
618 - Fuel TV

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