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Weekly Webcomic Wrapup is a message in a bottle

Jordan Mallory

Look, we're gonna level with you: We haven't actually written anything this weekend. All the posts that went up today were written in advance, as were the posts going up tomorrow. Don't get us wrong, we love you guys to pieces, but we also love our families and the massive feasts they provide during the holidays. Seriously, you guys have no idea how good these twice-baked potatoes are.

So! Think of this post as a time capsule, preserving our favorite webcomics from this week for future posterity. Vote for your favorite after the break, and partake in some face-stuffing yourself, if possible. You've earned it.

Dream Land Betrayal (Brawl in the Family)
Inevitability (Penny Arcade)
We Will Miss You (Nerf Now!!)
What Happens (Awkward Zombie)
Mortal Kristmas (Brentalfloss: The Comic)


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