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LotRO producer's letter promises a ton of content in 2012

Jef Reahard

Can you believe that Lord of the Rings Online is nearly five years old? We can't either, but it's true, and Turbine's Aaron "Rowan" Campbell says the best is yet to come in his latest producer letter.

The piece is pretty short, and much of it is devoted to recapping 2011. Campbell touches on the Rise of Isengard expansion and the Turbine Global Service initiative (which unified the North American and European LotRO communities under a single banner).

The most interesting portion of the blurb occurs toward the end, and it features quite a tasty tease for the future. "In 2012, you can expect more content than you've seen at any time since our launch in 2007. We'll be unveiling details with you after the New Year," he writes.

In other LotRO news, Turbine is offering the aforementioned Rise of Isengard content for a whopping 50% off. The catch? It's a one-day sale that starts (and ends) on December 26th, so get it while you can!

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