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Breakfast Topic: How lazy are you?


I must admit that I'm lazy when it comes to World of Warcraft. I don't mean that I don't research things or read about my classes. I also love to level the slow way without heirlooms. But I really don't like crossing cities, particularly if I don't have flight yet.

See where Roblinator is in that picture above? The bank is just down there /points. Yet I have called Gobber more than once while just a short distance from a bank. He only hangs around for a minute, has a half-hour cooldown, and I might need him when I'm questing a few minutes later. But it's all about the instant gratification of not having to travel across a city.

My blood elf mage who is also a scribe is constantly needing to hit the bank or the AH while grinding up Inscription. She has to rocket across Silvermoon City to restock and then get back to the Court of the Sun to buy supplies and train up. But she never scoots back (rockets can't fly in Silvermoon, as you probably know). No, she uses up a rune and ports back to the mage enclave and then just bops down the ramp to the inscription room.

It's not just about crossing cities, though. That lovely trick of leaving a dungeon and then porting back to turn in quests is a rather nice one, don't you think? No need to run down that ramp and around the corner. Just press a button twice. Lazy. (Note: Sometimes the size of the dungeon justifies the shortcut, but not always.)

Of course, in my day (vanilla), we didn't get mounts until level 40 and they were expensive. We also had to run the long way from Darnassus to Ironforge through dangerous territory if we wanted to train weapons. And the tauren run to Orgrimmar? Yeah, we didn't have built-in flightpaths and zeppelins back then. So I feel I earned my laziness. [Insert lawn reference here.]

What lazy things do you do? Are others inconsiderately lazy? In what way? How do you feel about the new features that encourage laziness?

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