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Verizon experiencing nationwide data outage? (update: Verizon confirms)


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That phone on Big Red having problems with data? Apparently you're not alone, as the carrier appears to be having issues again judging by the metric ton of emails we've gotten from you experiencing LTE, and in some cases EV-DO, blackouts across the country. Our Galaxy Nexus in New York is chugging along with 1xRTT while a Thunderbolt in Washington DC is doing just fine with EV-DO. We've just pinged Verizon and will update if we hear back.

Update: Verizon wrote in with the following statement:

We are investigating reports of some customers experiencing trouble accessing the 4GLTE network. The network itself continues to operate and all customers continue to be able to make calls, send text messages and utilize data services. 3G devices are operating normally.

Update 2: And it's back. Both our our Droid RAZR and Rezound are getting LTE goodness here in chilly San Francisco.

[Thanks to everyone who sent this in]

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