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Relentless Software launches Digital Division, more titles coming soon


Relentless Software is the UK company behind Blue Toad Murder Files for the PSN and Quiz Climber for iOS, and it recently announced that it is opening up a new "Digital Division" to expand its various releases through digital distribution.

The Digital Division is separate from the console department inside the company, and going forward, Executive Director Andrew Eades says that it will "steer" original IP from the company in both social and mobile spaces. Relentless has also hired a former EA producer named James Wright, and he says that opening the division will "bring more fun, accessible and ground-breaking titles across several platforms for non-gamers."

Up next for Relentless, the company plans a version of Quiz Climber called Rivals, the console side of the company will continue to grow the Buzz! quiz game franchise for Sony, and Relentless says it has lots of other unannounced projects in progress at this time.

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Relentless continues to invest in self-published projects

UK, December 20, 2011 – Relentless Software® announced today the formal launch of a new Digital Division to expand its self-published digital distribution model. The company from Brighton continues to support its future as an expert in social and casual gaming, anticipating trends in the ever-changing market.

The new Digital Division is a successful part of the company already: Blue Toad Murder Files™: The Mysteries of Little Riddle was recently included in the Top 25 games on the PlayStation Network and has sold over 250,000 episodes. Additionally, Quiz Climber™, the addictive social quiz for iPhone, hit 1 million games played three months after launch and has had over 10 million questions answered. This demonstrates the potential of social games and the ability of Relentless to achieve success in this area

Andrew Eades, Executive Director said: "The Digital division in Relentless has been established as a separate division that reports to me as CEO. We're serious about social and mobile games and that's why we have taken the logical step to separate these activities from the Console business." He continues: "We've hired James Wright as Executive Producer who has a decade of experience in developing and publishing mobile games and has been involved in a number of top ten tittles including Draw Race 2. Our original IP will be steered from the Digital division and already includes Blue Toad Murder Files and Quiz Climber."

Relentless recently hired James Wright, commented: "The formalisation of the Digital Division is a valuable starting point to take over from Relentless' self-publishing strategy. It will bring more fun, accessible and ground-breaking titles across several platforms for non-gamers." Mr. Wright was working at EA prior to joining Relentless Software.

Relentless continues to invest in self-published projects launching Quiz Climber™: Rivals in December and also a new version for the world's largest TV network: PlayJam. They are also working on other unannounced projects, demonstrating Relentless' commitment with non-gamers.|

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