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DODOcase wins TUAW Best of 2011 award for iPad cases


It's official! DODOcase, the San Francisco-based company that started the entire "iPad case that looks like a book" craze shortly after the release of the first iPad, was voted the best iPad case of 2011 by TUAW readers. Almost half of the readers voting (49.4 percent) chose the DODOcase (US$59.95) from a ballot of five excellent iPad cases.

DODOcase took a faltering book bindery and turned it into a successful business, cranking out handmade iPad cases that look and feel like hardbound books, with a bamboo wood tray that snugly holds the tablet in place. It's been a favorite of TUAW bloggers and readers alike since April of 2010.

The runners-up in this category were the Portenzo cases and ZAGGfolio Keyboard Case, which nearly split the remaining votes.

Congratulations to the DODOcase team, and thanks to all of the enthusiastic TUAW readers who nominated and voted for their favorites in the popular category.

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