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Stick Man Rescue gets to the chopper on PS Minis


TikGames' new PlayStation Mini puts you in charge of a helicopter picking up tiny little stick men from a series of unfortunate situations. Stick Man Rescue sounds like a stick version of Choplifter, as you're tasked with picking up a prescribed number of stick men from each level, preventing them from "being burned alive, smashed, decapitated, blown up, electrocuted, dissolved by acid, and other classic demises" by the evil blue Stick Minions. To help you get through the deathtraps, you can upgrade your chopper's weaponry.

Stick Man Rescue will be a Plus exclusive when it debuts January 4 in Europe and January 10 in North America. The rest of us PlayStation Plebes will be able to buy it January 18 in Europe, and January 24 in North America.

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Hand-Drawn Stick Men to Die Horrible Deaths, Unless Players Act Heroically

San Mateo, California – December 28, 2011 – A new game was announced today in which countless innocent stick men will perish unless players do their heroic duty and rescue them. Developed and published by TikGames, Stick Man Rescue will be available in North America and Europe for the PSP® (PlayStation®Portable) system as a PSP® minis title, initially offered only to European PlayStation®Plus subscribers on January 4, 2012 and North American PlayStation®Plus subscribers on January 10. All other gamers will be able to download Stick Man Rescue in Europe on January 18 and in North America on January 24.

"I know I'm not the only guy who grew up drawing stick men on fire, falling off cliffs, or landing on spikes," said Alex Tikhman, Co-Founder and VP of Publishing & Business Development for TikGames. "Back then, I wanted to make a video game out of it. Today, we've made a lot of people's morbid stick-dreams finally come true with Stick Man Rescue. Of course, people will want to save the stick men like they're supposed to, not kill them, right? Right?"

Stick Man Rescue is an action/arcade game in which players must pilot a futuristic troop transport copter as they fly through thirty dangerous levels filled with deadly traps in an attempt to rescue black stick men. The Evil Blue Stick Minions are out in force, with stick murder on their minds. Players must prevent their stick men from being burned alive, smashed, decapitated, blown up, electrocuted, dissolved by acid, and other classic demises. To combat the Evil Blue Stick Minions' zeppelins, paratroopers, and steam rollers, players can power up their copter with weapons like bombs, missiles, flame throwers, and more. Of course, players could just sit back and idly watch their stick men die hilariously horrible deaths...but then they wouldn't finish the level. What to do, what to do?

Stick Man Rescue has been rated T for Teen (Blood and Gore, Violence) by the ESRB. PEGI has rated the game 12+ (Violence). For more information, please visit

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