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Image credit: talks World of Warplanes features and functionality

Jef Reahard
Save has published some new World of Warplanes info in part three of its ongoing community question-and-answer series.

The free-to-play World War II aviation title is shaping up to be an action-heavy game with a casual playstyle that is similar to World of Tanks. Over the course of 30 questions, covers a lot ground including joystick controls (available but not required), cockpit views (not available), and airborne vs. ground spawn points.

"Aircraft will be spawned in the air at the beginning of the battle. As an option, you will be able to land the aircraft at the end of the battle and a successful landing will give you additional experience. An unsuccessful landing will break the plane and will [incur repair costs]," according to a post on the official WoWP forums.

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