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Apple Store may be coming to Masonville Mall in London, Ontario


Attention, Masonville Mall in London, Ontario: You may be getting an Apple Store next year. A local radio station reports that the Eddie Bauer store in that location is closing soon due to bankruptcy, and city records say that the relevant authorities are checking out a $3 million project for that location that includes (what else?) an Apple logo. The space does sound about right: Busy, relatively upscale mall, lots of floor space, and a big storefront right next to a Gap store.

Of course, none of this is confirmed just yet, but remember that Apple moves fast: Even if the plans get approved in the next month or so, the store could be open as soon as next fall. Apple's been making a big push to open up some stores overseas and in big places like New York's Grand Central Terminal, but it sounds like the company is still working to open new stores in smaller towns as well.

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