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Breakfast Topic: What have you farmed eternally for?

Anne Stickney

I have a love/hate relationship with Karazhan. I love it because it's got great music, a great layout, and amazing bosses, and it's Medivh's old house. Goodness knows I love Medivh. But the single reason I absolutely hate the place can be traced to the stables and the horse that stands within. Oh Midnight, how I hate you. You and Attumen both. Since the launch of The Burning Crusade, I've been murdering that horse on a semi-regular basis, hoping for the Fiery Warhorse's Reins to drop. I have seen the horse drop precisely once since The Burning Crusade, and it went to somebody else. I cannot recall the exact number of times I've stepped in there and squashed the horse, but it's been a regular weekly occurrence since Wrath. Step in, fight to the horse, kill the horse, loot the horse, find nothing useful at all. Rinse and repeat.

There are other rare things I've farmed before, of course. The Tiny Emerald Whelpling and Disgusting Oozeling were both farmed well before the Cataclysm revamp -- before the Crusader's Coliseum was released, even. Having dual monitors helped; I made it through two, two and a half seasons worth of Doctor Who before I had both pets in my hands. But the horse. The horse still eludes me. Some day I'll have it for my own; until then, I'll continue farming, zombie-like, until the fateful day I find the right purple item on the corpse, instead of just another pair of useless gloves.

Do you have anything you're farming currently, or do you think those of us that farm are quite frankly devoid of all sanity? Have you farmed for anything before? What's the longest it's taken for you to get a coveted item, pet, or mount?

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