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Google, Apple, other vaguely familiar tech names top Nielsen's 'Tops of 2011' list

Brian Heater

Those perpetual rankers over at Nielsen unveiled their "Tops of 2011" list this week, revealing the most popular brands and products across all manner of categories. There's nothing particularly shocking over on the digital side of things -- Google topped the list of Top US Web Brands, followed by Facebook. Perhaps a bit more surprisingly, Yahoo managed to hold its own in 2011, rounding out the top three. Over on the smartphone side, Apple came out on top with a 29 percent marketshare in data pulled from August to October 2011, followed by HTC. Despite a fairly tough year, RIM managed the number three spot. On the social side, Facebook scored number one, followed by Blogger and Twitter, while some site called "YouTube" was ranked number one in video. Check out the rest of the results in the source link below.

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