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Rumor: Wii U to host more non-game apps


The Wii U's online store will have a more diverse selection of apps available, The Daily reports citing "a person familiar with the matter." The outlet suggests non-game programs like MLB.TV will run on the console and independently through the Wii U's tablet-like controller. The site speculates the tablet apps could allow for email, web and social network browsing, but doesn't know whether the Wii U's store will use real currency (like the 3DS eShop) or Wii Points.

As interesting as all this sounds, it still feels out of step with today's Nintendo, which hasn't been able to match the online marketplaces found on Xbox Live, PlayStation Network and other digital distribution networks. And there's a bigger question: Will the Wii U tie apps to the system instead of a widespread Nintendo account?

A singular account through which purchased apps can be accessed, both through Wii U and Nintendo handhelds, would be an expected step toward parity, more so than TV apps.

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