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Star Trek Online holds 'last chance sale' before F2P kicks in


Have you been eying that sexy cruiser, extra character slot, or those nostalgic uniforms you've always wanted in Star Trek Online? Then you may be in for a shopping spree during the final hours of this year -- and the first few of the next -- as Cryptic is holding a "Last Chance Sale" to give faithful players a chance to pick up a good deal or two over the holiday season.

During the sale, players can snag anything they want -- excluding duty officer roster slots -- for 20% off the regular price. According to Cryptic, this will mark the last time (hence the name) that players can buy these items before the new free-to-play pricing kicks in.

The Last Chance Sale begins today at 1:00 p.m. EST and will wrap up on January 5th at the same time.

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