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Wipeout 2048's canned Zombie mode detailed


Liverpool Studios game director Stuart Tilley wrote about a proposed almost-a-mode for the Vita's Wipeout 2048 on the PlayStation Blog today. The Zombie mode experience sounds like the usual apocalyptic scenario -- they keep coming, you try to survive as long as possible, but die inevitably.

Players start alone, in the dark. As the race kicks off, zombie ships eventually emerge on the player's tail, trying to ram and incapacitate. Occasional Quake and Cannons powerups aid players in this survival mode, but ultimately the zombies win. The zombies always win.

"In the final reckoning, we made the call to put Zombie mode on the back burner. That said, like a real-life Zombie, ZOMBIE mode is dead, but it's not completely dead," Tilley teased in his post. While's it's been scrapped for launch, we imagine Liverpool might eventually find time to release the mode as DLC.

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