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A fresh batch of XBLA titles rated around the world


You go to a fortune teller and ask what will happen in 2012, expecting her to repeat rejected phrases from the Panda Express fortune-cookie line in a wistful, croaking manner. Instead, she busts out this ratings list for coming XBLA titles and you tip her 200 percent, leaving with your mind blown and open to a whole new world of mental planes and spiritual awareness. Little did you know: that fortune teller was Jordan Mallory in a dress. Try excising that image with incense.

A batch of freshly rated XBLA games from around the world include titles we knew about, such as I Am Alive (MA 15+ for Australia) and Spelunky (PEGI 7 for UK), and also some unknown games, including Wreckateer, a submission from Microsoft rated for Korea. The list is provided by XBLA Fans, and can be found right here.

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