Red Digital Cinema sues competitor Arri over e-mail hacking, adds new charges to the list

The behind-the-lens drama between camera makers Red Digital Cinema and Arri has taken yet another step recently, as Red filed suit December 21st against Arri alleging corporate espionage. Former Arri executive Michael Bravin has already plead guilty to criminal charges that he illegally accessed emails at his previous employer, camera distributor Band Pro Film & Digital. At the time Red founder Jim Jannard also revealed his personal account had been compromised, and now The Wrap reports the company is accusing Arri of "unfair competition based on email hacking, invasion of privacy, conversion, misappropriation of trade secrets and unlawful trade practices, among other charges". The extra charges come as a result of information it has indicating other Arri executives were aware of the hacking. Other than listening in on conversations between Red and Band Pro, Arri also stands accused of launching a false advertising campaign ahead of the launch of the Alexa, while Bravin posted with a pseudonym on Hit the source link for additional details on the sordid affair, we'll find out what can be proven if / when Red gets the jury trial it's seeking.