WoW Moviewatch: Something

Michael Gray
M. Gray|01.02.12

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WoW Moviewatch: Something
WoW Moviewatch: Something
Have you ever wondered what John Lennon would look like as a WoW character? Well, wonder no more, my friends. Machinimist Eric Cartmans recreated the music video for Something in Azerothian glory.

One of my favorite touches in this piece is the original video being simultaneously played in the corner. While this music video definitely feels like a learning experience for Cartmans, the end result is a surreal, real-life-in-WoW that blends music history with gaming innovation. It's a trippy walk down memory lane with The Beatles, and the video just fundamentally works for me.

I have to admit that I'm not the biggest Beatles fan to ever walk the planet, but this video really won my heart. Cartmans painstakingly recreated so much of the original that you can feel his care and affection for the material. That speaks volumes in the end result.

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