Apple Store thieves arrested after robbery

Mike Schramm
M. Schramm|01.04.12

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Apple Store thieves arrested after robbery

Apple Stores continue to be a target for theft around the United States, apparently -- this time a robbery went down in Scottsdale, Arizona, where a trio of young thieves busted in the glass doors on an Apple Store, and tried to get away with $75,000 worth of Apple devices. The group robbed the store at around 2 AM on the second day of 2012 (possible Two-Face involvement?), but fortunately a taxi driver spotted the crime and started following the robbers away from the scene.

Things apparently got scary: The robbers actually started firing guns on the taxi driver, who followed them anyway, and was able to make enough of an identification (along with security camera footage) that cops were able to arrest the three thieves. So everything turned out all right, aside from the broken windows on the front of the Apple Store.

Apple Stores are obvious targets for thieves, not only because they're of course filled with expensive, resellable products, but also because the store designs often mean that getting in is just a window break away. But it's good to hear that quick thinking (and some heroic work by the taxi driver) in this case was able to prevent too much loss.

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