Craftsman aims to pimp your lawnmower with digital dash, traction control and more

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Craftsman aims to pimp your lawnmower with digital dash, traction control and more
At this week's North American International Auto Show, Craftsman unveiled its 2012 CTX tractor line to the car-loving masses, and let's just get this out there -- this is not your father's lawnmower. Propelled by a 30-horsepower Briggs & Stratton motor, this grass-assassin can hit forward speeds of 8MPH and, for those Jason Statham-style chase scenes, 3MPH in reverse. The tractor is equipped with automatic traction control, an electronic fuel management system that removes the need for a carburetor, electronic cutting height adjustment and a 54-inch mowing plain with "quick deck removal." Couple that with cruise control, digital instruments, a cup holder and 12-volt power adapter (have to have some suds and songs while you mow, right?) and you have yourself quite the package. The CTX will be available this February at Sears stores nationwide and will be priced between $3000 and $6500.
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The Craftsman Brand to Show New CTX Tractor at North American International Auto Show in Detroit

DETROIT, Jan. 3, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Ready...set...mow. On Monday, the Craftsman brand will showcase the new CTX tractor series in the concourse at the 2012 North American International Auto Show – the first tractor ever to be at the Detroit event. Powerful, durable and dependable, the CTX tractor is fully loaded with automotive-inspired features that help homeowners achieve an unbelievable cut for their lawn and conquer their landscaping needs.

With design elements like automatic traction control, electronic fuel management (EFM), electronic cutting height adjustment and quick deck removal, the Craftsman CTX tractor has the ability to take on challenges of any type of terrain. That's why it is "America's Hardest Working Tractor."

"We are launching this new line of Craftsman tractors because homeowners with larger lawns and more rugged terrains want a durable, high-performance tractor mower to help them maintain a beautiful lawn," said Kris Malkoski, vice president and general manager of the Craftsman brand. "Because Detroit has given us great performing cars with best-in-class features, we think it is logical to bring a tractor to the Auto Show that does the same."

Feature Details:

Automatic Traction Control: Off-roading is no problem. Whether mowing on an incline or hauling on a wet surface, the unique automatic traction control system sends power to both wheels independently, so if one slips, the other keeps the tractor under control.

EFM System: New cars don't have carburetors and neither does the CTX tractor. The EFM system ensures reliable automotive-style starting and peak engine performance year after year.

Electronic Cutting Height Adjustment: To get that perfect lawn, adjusting the cutting height for seasonal changes is a must. This automatic package comes standard on all new CTX models and allows you to adjust the cutting height with the push of a button.

Quick Deck Removal: With just a few simple steps, the deck easily comes off, making it simple to perform maintenance like deck cleaning or blade sharpening. Plus, additional attachments can transform the tractor into a hauler, aerator, dethatcher, cultivator, sweeper or snow plow – giving you a tractor that handles your outdoor maintenance requirements year round.

Under the hood, the CTX tractor packs a 30-horsepower Briggs & Stratton engine that delivers 8.0 mile per hour top forward speed and 3.0 reverse speed. A heavy-duty welded frame and a cast iron axle give it the strength and ruggedness to be a total lawn and garden workhorse. A 54-inch deck lets you tackle large areas of grass and an 18-inch turning radius lets you maneuver through tight spots.

No vehicle would be complete without cruise control, full digital instrumentation with color-coded controls, power steering, soft-grip tilt steering wheel, consol with a cup holder and 12-volt adapter. The Craftsman CTX tractor, which stands for "Craftsman Tractor Experience," has it all.

The Craftsman CTX tractor series will be available in February 2012 at Sears stores nationwide. Two yard tractor and two garden tractor models will be available, ranging in price from $2,999.99 to $6,499.99. Attachments are sold separately.

The 2012 North American International Auto Show runs from Jan. 9-22, 2012 at the COBO Center in Detroit. Stop by to see the Craftsman display in the concourse outside of Oakland Hall. For more information on the tractor, award-winning Craftsman innovations and the 84-year history of the brand, log on to or
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