Xbox Live Indie Games get increased file size, reduced minimum prices

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Xbox Live Indie Games get increased file size, reduced minimum prices
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It's been something of a rocky road for Xbox Live Indie Game developers, often confronted with less than ideal exposure and competing with not only huge retail games, but also incredibly cheap titles on mobile platforms like iOS. Microsoft has today addressed a handful of concerns that XBLIG devs face, notably the issues of game size and pricing.

First, the size of projects has been greatly increased, from 150 megabytes to the new maximum of 500 megabytes. Second, and perhaps most important, Microsoft has removed one of the major restrictions on price. Before, all games that exceeded 50MB in size we required to be priced at either $3 or $5, making them hard to position against both XBLA titles and mobile titles on other platforms. The minimum price has now been reduced to $1 (80 MS Points), making XBL Indies more competitive and (potentially) more lucrative.

Finally, Microsoft has raised the cap on the number of titles any developer is allowed to host on the Indie Games service. Previously topping out at 10, developers may now have a total of 20 games available at any given time. Of course, you know what this means: Moar Gaems with Z0mb1ES in Th3m and a larger assortment of choice weapons.
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