BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 to be shown at official CES 2012 event, BB 10 OS coming at MWC

Whoa, look what just showed up in our inbox! Research in Motion, of all outfits, ain't waiting until Mobile World Congress to generate itself some positive buzz, with the company announcing that it'll be holding "an intimate event" in Las Vegas on January 10th. Topics of conversation? For one, PlayBook OS 2.0 will be on-hand, and given that we'd heard it was delayed until February, one can only hope that it's launch has been accelerated. There's also BlackBerry 7 OS, which we suspect will generate roughly as many snores as it has the past eight months. Whatever the case, you can bet we'll be there bringing you the deets.

Update: In related news, Pocket-lint has confirmed that BlackBerry OS 10 will see a proper launch at Mobile World Congress next month. Anyone care to ask Mr. Eldar if that's soon enough?