Sprint reportedly confirms data throttling for 'top one percent' of abusers (update: Sprint confirms no throttling)

So, wait -- is unlimited just unlimited, or is it "unlimited?" Let's ask the man who spent a solid 30 seconds (and countless millions) explaining precisely that back in March of last year... oh, wait. Despite Sprint's claims of keeping its "unlimited" plans "truly unlimited," it seems that there is a special asterisk reserved for those who really attempt to push the boundaries. No real surprise, honestly, but CEO Dan Hesse was quoted earlier today as saying the following in regard to heavy data users: "For those that want to abuse it, we can knock them off." Moreover, he affirmed that throttling can be implemented for "about one percent of users," but did continue to say that there were no immediate plans for The Now Network to follow its contemporaries into the deep, dark world of tiered data. Of course, this is also the man who told us that "nothing is guaranteed forever," so make of it what you will -- particularly with an LTE network going live in around six months.

Update: TechCrunch says that Hesse was misquoted, and that the quips only apply to people "while roaming." That'd sure make a lot more sense, but don't go overboard just to find out, okay?

Update 2: Sure enough, Sprint has confirmed there is no throttling going on.