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US Cellular reassures us of LTE plans: first tablet by March, smartphone by April

Last we heard, LTE was supposed to land on US Cellular last November, but months passed with nary a peep on the carrier's progress. Finally, a little ray of light shone from its official Twitter account as it confirmed today that high-speed mobile broadband is still on the radar, but its deployment was simply pushed back to the end of March, when we'll see the first LTE-capable tablet arrive. For those craving to have the service on something a little smaller, the company also told us to expect the first smartphone in April. And we have a pretty good idea of where: brief jaunt to US Cellular's website offers a few 4G coverage maps in select parts of Iowa, Wisconsin, Oklahoma, Maine, Texas and North Carolina. We'll give US Cellular a mulligan this time -- let's just make sure it doesn't happen again, shall we?