Vertu rings in the Year of the Dragon by welcoming a trio of Signature luxury phones

The Year of the Dragon is quickly approaching, and Vertu is in a celebrating mood. So much so, in fact, that it's added three new luxury Dragon handsets to its Signature collection. You can choose between stainless steel with emeralds, yellow gold with diamonds or ruby with black stainless steel. Each is, appropriately, adorned with a four-claw dragon on the battery cover, and the engraving process is rather lengthy: it involves 20 stages and takes four highly-skilled master craftsmen 36 hours, eight of which are dedicated just to the dragon's scales. But that's not all, folks -- each one gets shipped to Switzerland, where it's given the official stamp of authenticity, and returned to the workshop where precious stones are added for the final touch. That may sound like a steal at a mere $20,800, but Vertu even adds a charging cradle, a leather case and one year of free concierge service to the package. Tech specs? We haven't heard much about them, but they're rumored to run Symbian OS. We're sure you're now looking down at your new Samsung Galaxy Nexus with disdain, but we bet you could hire a few master craftsmen to make your own hand-engraved dragon for around the same price to help alleviate the regret.