Ford to demo beta of MyFord Mobile app at CES, lets you tweet about your Focus from afar

Still giddy about taking possession of that electric Focus that you pre-ordered back in November? Well, before Dearborn gets the chance to airdrop that electric hatch into your driveway, know it'll be previewing a new beta of the MyFord Mobile smartphone app at CES. For those unaware, that's a mobile ware that displays battery info and range, where charging stations lurk, helps plan routes and can adjust climate, all while acting as a remote. It also boasts a bevy of social functions, ripe with achievements and statistics that let you stack up against your Ford-toting EV friends -- naturally replete with the ability to upload boastful scores to your social network of choice. PR and a video detailing all await you after the break.

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MyFord Mobile: Drive Greener and Challenge Friends to Help the Earth with Ford's Electric Vehicle Smartphone App

• Ford will showcase the beta version and new social networking components of the MyFord® Mobile app with the new Focus Electric for the first time, live at the 2012 International CES

• MyFord Mobile stands apart from competitive offerings by harnessing coaching and social networking to help drivers go green and have fun in the process

• The CES award-winning MyFord Mobile app will allow Focus Electric owners to smart charge their car through Value Charging powered by Microsoft, optimizing charging times to reduce electricity costs associated with driving an electric vehicle, a feature exclusive to Ford

• Users can monitor charging, receive alerts, find charge stations, plan trips, share information and more from their smartphones or computers via MyFord Mobile, for an effortless transition to an electric vehicle lifestyle

DEARBORN, Mich., Jan. 4, 2012 – Ford Motor Company is combining its new Focus Electric, social networking and hypermiling trends with its new MyFord® Mobile app that makes it easier than ever to drive green.

Ford will demonstrate the first-ever beta versions of the new technology at the 2012 International CES, taking place Jan. 10-13 in Las Vegas.

Focus Electric drivers will be able to share, learn and teach smart driving by participating in forums on the MyFord Mobile website – with features such as leaderboards, unique achievements and social networking – when the car becomes available through dealers in the first half of 2012. In the process, users will be able to seamlessly upload driving achievements and statistics to popular social platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

"The MyFord Mobile app and the Focus Electric work together to coach drivers to be more efficient and maximize the benefits of the electric vehicle experience," said Kelly Zechel, MyFord Mobile product manager. "We wanted to help drivers get more miles out of every charge and have some fun along the way."

In addition to the fun of not having to stop at gas stations, MyFord Mobile adds gaming and social sharing components to the driving experience. Just as in video games, drivers of the Focus Electric can earn achievements based on how far they drive and how much CO2 they save by not using gas. The leaderboards help MyFord Mobile users track their driving results against other Focus Electric drivers.

Drivers will also earn achievements for engaging in the online MyFord Mobile community forum. The first time drivers share their experiences, help another driver answer a question or provide a helpful tip to others, they will earn an achievement, with more to come after 20 and 100 postings.

There are even "surprise achievements" embedded in the app based on the owner's activities, much like "easter eggs" that can give gamers extra bonuses in video games. Collectively, the achievements help Focus Electric drivers "keep score" with their peers via competitive rankings.

Leading the charge
MyFord Mobile was announced in early 2011 as a social platform to revolutionize the EV driving experience. In November, the International CES awarded the app as winner in the software and mobile app category. Going further, CES awarded MyFord Mobile the "Best of Innovation" recognition, a first for an OEM.

MyFord Mobile's Value Charging by Microsoft offers drivers a "set it and forget it" mindset to ease concern about managing the vehicle's charge in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible. This technology can lower a driver's utility bill by automatically charging the Focus Electric at off-peak times when energy is cheapest, an industry-exclusive to Ford.

Additionally, Ford is leveraging its relationship with MapQuest – and its commitment to having the best EV charge point database and route planning feature – to offer the industry's only charging station locator. MyFord Mobile is the only electric vehicle management application to include routing and charge station location functionality.

A superior design, user interface and speed of function response ensure MyFord Mobile is the most user-friendly EV app available, and with AT&T as Ford's embedded solution provider, additional support resources are available to MyFord Mobile users.

The following video demonstrates many of the features that make MyFord Mobile stand apart from competitive offerings:

"Driving the Focus Electric will be a fun experience; with MyFord Mobile, the enjoyment continues after the vehicle is parked and charging," said Bill Frykman, Business and Product Development Manager. "We are offering a new way of sharing your driving experiences to create a cool factor with the goal of educating new Focus Electric drivers on the perks that come with an electric vehicle lifestyle."

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