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Allure Energy EverSense energy management system hands-on

Allure Energy EverSense energy management system hands-on
Michael Gorman
Michael Gorman|@Numeson|January 8, 2012 8:26 PM
Allure Energy announced its EverSense energy management system (read: a fancy thermostat) back in December, but we were just on hand for its official unveiling here at CES. EverSense serves both as a thermostat and media playing device (yes, those are speakers you see on either side of the screen). It comes running a custom OS that works in conjunction with the Allure iOS app to control the HVAC systems in your home. The thermostat has proximity controls that work with your iPhone's GPS to turn on or off your A/C depending upon how close you are to your house. That way, the temperature's always just right when you pull into your driveway, but you don't have the increased utility bills that normally come with maintaining a steady temperature all day.

EverSense's media streaming works using a wireless technology akin to DLNA to pull tunes from your handset -- when we prodded Allure's reps for more info, all they'd tell us is that it's "proprietary" tech. We got to see the device and the companion app, but couldn't do a full demo of their capabilities as custom software still has some bugs and isn't quite ready for prime time. The good news is, there's plenty of time for Allure to fix it: EverSense is scheduled for a Q2 release, when it can be yours for $349.

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Zach Lutz contributed to this report.
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Allure Energy's EverSense to Offer Streaming Music and Energy Saving Video Tips

AUSTIN, Texas, January 8, 2011 - Allure Energy, Inc. introduced their revolutionary new product, EverSenseTM, at CES Unveiled in Las Vegas on January 8, 2012. EverSenseTM, a home environment and energy management product features Allure's patented Proximity Control technology with privacy protection, as well as streaming music, energy saving video tips, and weather updates.

"We have found that consumers desire value added technology that fits within their normal daily life," says Kevin Imes, CEO of Allure Energy. "With EverSense, we are breaking the mold of conventional thermostat thinking. EverSense is a platform that will allow consumers to obtain valuable energy saving tips and content at the point at which they are making their largest energy purchasing decision. With the added benefits of proximity control, streaming music, video playback, and photo viewing, EverSense is delivering an experience that aligns with smartphone and tablet user trends."

EverSense, a thermostat replacement technology that brings a rich, multi-media experience into the mainstream HVAC consumer market will be available in early 2012. With the processing power of a tabletPC, and a layer of proximity control via Allure Mobile, EverSense eliminates the need for consumers to pay a monthly fee or experience long delays in adjusting their comfort level. Consumers will be able to have their home environment managed automatically, while saving on energy costs.

"The look and feel of EverSense is stunning," says Jim Mills, Vice President of Business Development for Allure Energy. "Our team of talented industrial and software designers created a work of art for the home. Every detail of a user's experience has been taken into account, from the look of the product to the user's touch screen interaction at the unit. Best of all, a portable countertop model will be available that allows music to be streamed anywhere in the home and full control of all other EverSense units that replace legacy thermostats throughout the home. With built in Wi-Fi, stereo speakers, and a capacitive touch screen, EverSense provides for an unparalleled user experience."

Be sure to stop by and see EverSenseTM in the NRG Booth - South Hall, Ground Level, Booth 26103 at CES 2012.

Allure Energy, Inc. is a smart energycompany based in Austin, Texas. Allure Energy develops leading-edge smart grid solutions with proximity control. As consumers and energy providers search for ways to reduce energy consumption without increasing costs, a balance must be maintained between privacy, security, lifestyle, comfort, and convenience. EverSense is that solution.