RCA-branded hardware at CES includes mobile TVs with Android, soundbar / media streamer

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RCA-branded hardware at CES includes mobile TVs with Android, soundbar / media streamer
While it may not have the most high profile entries at CES, RCA always manages to lend its brand to some interesting hardware, and this year that includes the Wi-Fi Home Theater Sound Bar seen above. It brings multichannel audio and wireless surround speakers as well as access to services like Netflix and Hulu, by building in the Roku-like streamer RCA is currently peddling. Its other products include a slew of TVs due for various regions in the Americas, like a 55-incher it's claiming is the first connected LED LCD available in Latin America. We haven't hit a Best Buy in Uruguay to confirm that yet, so we'll just have to take RCA's word on that one for now. Also spied at its CES Unveiled booth were mobile TVs compatible with the Dyle service, and licensee Digital Stream has an Android-powered TV receiver planned for later this year. The device has a 7-inch touchscreen and a few simple apps included, and should be priced around $200 when it ships in the second half of the year. Check the press release after the break for a few more details, check below for hands-on pics.

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RCA LED Lighting to Deliver Substantial Household Energy Savings

Slim Mobile Digital TV Readied for U.S. Launch as
RCA brand Expands Reach Throughout Americas

LAS VEGAS – January 10, 2012 – One of America's most recognized brand names is flexing its reach throughout the home and office and throughout the Americas, with a range of new products introduced this week at the International CES that take full advantage of Internet connectivity and new technologies that extend entertainment and promise substantial energy savings.

Official licensees of the RCA brand are showing a variety of high-definition and mobile digital TV products, streaming media systems, digital home and business telephones, and a complete range of LED lighting products that will soon be available under the venerable RCA brand. RCA products are on display at CES this week in Central Hall 12427, through Friday.

Mobility Redefined

Mobile Digital Television takes a stylish new leap forward in 2012 when RCA introduces the new flat-panel receiver designed for enjoyment of both over-the-air Mobile DTV and Internet connectivity. Compatible with the Dyle Mobile TV service, the RCA MIT700 thin receiver is designed to operate with the latest Mobile Digital TV services planned by America's broadcasters.

Later this year, RCA licensee Digital Stream will take the wraps off the MIT700, a slender Android-based TV receiver designed to pick up both scrambled and in-the-clear transmissions from broadcast TV stations.

HDTV For Any Budget, and Any Market

"While many flat-screen HDTV products look similar, it's important for consumers to consider who is behind the brand names that they're buying at retail. RCA virtually created the TV business more than 70 years ago, and today the brand is making a successful comeback with a full range of competitive LCD and LED-backlit displays that include more than just svelte cabinets and brilliant pictures. We stand behind what we sell with an outstanding customer service operation that stands ready to assist any customer who has a problem with a big-screen RCA TV," said Jonathan Zupnik, Vice President of Marketing for RCA licensee ON Corporation U.S., which is licensed to sell RCA products in the U.S.

At this week's International CES, RCA big screen TVs for the U.S. market are being introduced in 46-inch, 42-inch, 32-inch, and 24-inch sizes with brilliant LED-backlit LCD screens. Traditional CCFL LCD products are also being shown in screen sizes ranging from 55-inch to 26-inch.

Curtis International is offering a complete range of RCA flat-screen displays throughout Canada. Digital Stream is introducing a new line of big-screen RCA HDTV sets in Mexico in 2012, and more than 20 other Latin American countries are served by licensees RadioVictoria and Latin American Trading (which is introducing a line of RCA-branded home appliances, as well.)

New for 2012 is the Latin American region's first LED-backlit LCD Internet TV, a 55-inch RCA model to be offered Argentina, Chile, Ecuador, Bolivia, Colombia, Peru, and Uruguay from RadioVictoria.

Internet Connectivity Key to Audio/Video and Telephone products

With more and more consumers relying on the Internet as a source for favorite video content, RCA is showcasing two streaming media products this week that offer entertainment from Netflix, Vudu, Hulu Plus, YouTube, Pandora, and more popular channels. The new RCA Wi-Fi Home Theater Sound Bar (model RTS739WS) combines multichannel audio capability and wireless surround sound speakers with built-in electronics for wireless delivery of content from Internet sources.

"With the launch of the RCA Wi-Fi Streaming Media Player (model DSB779W) last fall, we've brought Internet content to the living rooms of thousands of viewers. Our affordable solutions feature access to the most popular streaming media content, and now we're building the functionality into a Sound Bar that will ship to our retail customers later this spring. The industry's first Streaming Sound Bar eliminates a number of the wires cluttering many home entertainment systems, since the capability for Internet streaming is built right into the device. Plus we're making the surround sound speakers and subwoofer wireless, which we think will be very popular," said Stephen Jorge, sales director of RCA Audio/Video licensee Alco Electronics.

As business communications evolve and expand beyond voice, RCA business telephones are changing to reflect the different ways that businesses are using phone systems to stay in touch. New products from RCA emphasize the flexibility of expanding analog telephone equipment or new Android-based offerings that take full advantage of Internet-based information.

Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services are becoming more commonplace in businesses throughout the U.S., and RCA is entering the VoIP market with products aimed at small to medium-sized firms from telephone licensee Telefield.

RCA LED Lighting Offers Outstanding Luminance, Value

The upcoming transition to more efficient lighting sources in the U.S. will mean more choices for consumers, and RCA plans to capitalize on growing consumer awareness for new lighting options with a new line of affordable RCA LED bulbs that offer outstanding lighting quality, remarkable energy efficiency, and long life.

With replacement bulbs planned for standard lamp and candelabra fixtures, RCA is branching out to offer lighting products for both consumer and business applications – including streetlights.

"Our key advantage with LED lighting from RCA is that we've developed a 'chip on board' product that reduces the number of components and allows us to offer a far more efficient option than even the most popular compact fluorescent bulbs. We're not building LED bulbs stuffed with dozens of tiny LEDs. Rather, we have a more efficient design that utilizes a single LED to provide maximum energy savings and brilliant light output," said Bob Hatefi, of RCA licensee BDC.

"LED lamps from RCA create warm and natural white light. It's a pleasant and friendly – and not harsh – lighting option that shows colors and textures as though they are in natural daylight. The high illuminance output and excellent color rendering of RCA LED light bulbs matched with affordable retail pricing are sure to be a hit with consumers," Hatefi said.

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About RCA: RCA is one of the most recognized names in the electronics industry, delivering innovative and reliable technology that has been entertaining families for over 90 years. Consumers throughout the world depend on the RCA brand to provide products and services that feature the latest technology and design, are easy to use, and deliver the highest value and longevity. It's no wonder why generations of families continue to rely on the RCA brand for their home entertainment and lifestyle. RCA is a global trademark administered by RCA Trademark Management SAS of Technicolor SA.
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